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Awaken the Sexy Within NEW Release

Who taught you the meaning of sexiness and how to relate that to an inner versus outer sexiness?

The answer is probably “no one”. Start taking immediate control of your mind and body!

Award-winning fitness and weight loss authority, Robb Evans shows those seeking a transformation how to define and awaken the sexy within using his most effective strategies, tools, and techniques for mastering one’s mindset, nutrition, workouts, and body. Robb provides a step-by-step blueprint teaching the fundamental ingredients to get the sexy body one desires, optimize their health and sustain it forever. Within Awaken the Sexy Within, Robb shows:

  • How to plan a transformation with unstoppable success.
  • The real secrets to eating one’s way to sexiness.
  • Strategies for overcoming all obstacles.
  • Complete meal plans.
  • Eight tools to drive results and be kept accountable.
  • 52 body transformation workouts.

Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, or regain your energy through a sustainable healthy lifestyle, Awaken the Sexy Withingives you the answers. you’ve been looking for!

“So, when I first read Robb’s book, I jumped for joy. Now, in one place, in order and made simple, step-by-step, you can 100% totally transform your body, your health, and your mindset.”

—Kerri Pottharst, Three-time Olympian gold medalist, motivational speaker, mum, and health and wellness advocate”

Chapters in the Book

Foreword by Three-time Olympian & Gold Medallist, Kerri Pottharst

Chapter 1: Plan to Be Sexy;
Chapter 2: How to Eat Your Way to Sexiness
Chapter 3: Why Sexiness Must Be Tracked
Chapter 4: How to Overcome All Obstacles
Chapter 5: Prepare to Be Sexy
Chapter 6: Work Your Way to Sexy
Chapter 7: Maintaining Your Sexiness
Chapter 8: What’s Next

Who is Robb Evans?

As a health services professional with over 31 years of experience in the field, Robb Evans is recognized and trusted as an authority in the health and fitness area. He is the owner of a successful health, fitness, and nutrition business and specializes in coaching people to reach their fitness goals through creating new sustainable habits, proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, and effective resistance-training techniques. Robb prides himself on educating his clients so that they can live a fit and healthy lifestyle forever. He currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

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